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The Celebrity Big Brother star is seen dancing to rap music as she badly hangs her washing on the line in her over-grown, dilapidated, weed-ridden garden. Lauren was seen dancing in her garden while hanging up her washing.

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They won't win, we will. "I, Lauren Harries, believe that all women and men and everything in between the two, have a right to celebrate our bodies. "We have a right to exist without fear.

She also sent a powerful message about trans rights. She said: "I'm a proud Trans women. "Even after my gender reassignment surgery, having the extraordinary gift to be able to finally live in the body for which I was born to be in, accepting myself.

One wrote: "The way you're hanging that washing and the state of your garden is giving me anxiety! Another said: "Babes you need to get a strimmer on that! Just saying.".

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We are entitled to love ourselves. "We are entitled to connect with our authentic selves, to share that self with the world, and for it to be celebrated. I am a proud trans woman.".

But fans were concerned about how she hung up her washing. In another post, Lauren hit back at the haters, saying: "My lady garden never needs trimming when there's wood to be riding!".

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