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She never really put the idea forth to me that it was anything that was stopping her from doing that, Grae said. It was just me watching her do it and thinking I dont have any limits or I dont have any problem navigating this.

I think its blatantly obvious that Im a woman and Ive never approached it as a handicap to anything that I have to do.  If anything its a bonus, said Grae.

Grae explained why she chose not to sign with a major label. I need to be able to have a limitless imagination and creative force and so for me going the major label route was never really an option, she told Harris-Perry.

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I just have to go through and do it.

Graes view about major labels versus independent labels was heavily influenced by her parents, especially her mother. The daughter of two jazz musicians who hailed from South Africa, Grae got the opportunity to see her mother navigating through the world of jazz music which included.

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Hip-hop music has seen its share of both male and female emcees. But when it comes to the women in the game the first thing that is often mentioned is their gender, not their talent.

Host Melissa Harris-Perry had the opportunity on Sunday to speak one-on-one with underground hip-hop artist. Jean Grae about the perceptions of women and the challenges they still face in hip-hop. I get angry when someone puts my gender in front of my actual job, said.

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