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To Balance: pungent flavoured and/or white colored foods and herbs. Onion, radish, mustard greens, daikon radish, scallions (white part almonds, white meat, white rice, white beans, white mushrooms, gingko nut, white mustard seed, angelica root tangerine peel Reduce: eggs, dairy, rich, processed or fatty foods.

Even the good emotions can be out of balance! To Balance: bitter flavoured and/or red colored foods and herbs. beet, tomato, okra, cherry, watermelon, broccoli rabe, bitter melon, lettuce, arugula, dandelion, berries, chillies (in moderation green tea, lotus root, sour jujube seed, arbor-vitae seed, mimosa.

This could eventually interfere with lung function and oxygen circulation. Since our lungs control the flow of energy in our bodies, its important that we give ourselves space to deal with painful events rather than stifling them!

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Grief can stay with us for a while, and can go unresolved until we decide to release it. When grief is unresolved and becomes chronic, depression and an inability to let go of things can arise from this lung Qi Deficiency.

Dandelion greens, beetroot, green bell pepper, peas, sprouts, bok choy, string beans, cabbage, zucchini, mung beans, avocado, citrus, barbat skullcap, fo shou, milk thistle, Chinese wolfberry fruit Reduce: soft dairy, crabmeat, buckwheat, alcohol, fried foods, peanuts, and excess citrus HAPPINESS JOY Joy is the emotion.

When we are anxious, we find it hard to digest and accept a situation or life event. Lack of trust and ease towards the experiences and the foods we take in to our lives will make it impossible for us to digest them.

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Emotions like rage, fury or aggravation can indicate that this energy is in excess, and when we experience these emotions consistently, our liver can get further damaged. At this point, headaches and dizziness can be common.

Specific herbs and foods with each organs correlating energies can be used to appropriately strengthen, tonify, and detoxify the organ to help even the scariest emotions to pass through easily! Likewise, the more we decide to participate in our emotional lives through awareness exercises like.

Many times a physical disorder linked to a certain organ actually stems from an imbalance in the emotion associated with that organ. The reverse could be true: an imbalanced organ can heighten the specific emotion experienced by an individual. It

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